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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Android Development

Android development is very easy now with Android Studio 2.0. Google guys changed almost everything they can to make the android development super fast and easy. The best part is lots of configuration are automated and you dont have to write or make configuration related changes to start porject.

Developing application in Android studio 2.0

Now a days developing android application is really easy, i remember those days when I started with eclipse and there were hell lot of bugs everywhere. 


To start a new porject in android studion 2.0, you can go to the new project wizard and then you will get more options like which types of project you want to create, what layout you want to use, how your pplication will react to the UI, etc. Also they included new now a days device options as well. like if your app will run on android watch, tv etc.

if you are new to android development, you can get all kind of latest news and help at

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