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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Deciding how to approach a negative emotions

We all know that in our life almost every day we see or face many things which are negative to us and we dont like them or its entirely against what we want.

In this situation what shoud be your aproach


Its human nature whenever something happens which is entirely against what we want, anger, revenge, rage kind of feelings come to our mind. It's natural as we born with these qualities. I said it quality as these are god given weapons to protect us from external herp like the skin is protecting from many things which can harm body inner parts.

But when these emotions are acting against us who is going to protect us? Are these emotions acting the way it should be? When these emotions act against us, it ultimately pushes towards destruction, death. It's usual that when you suffer depression caused by something not happening what you want, your anger causes blood pressure, being in an unhealthy system will kill you soon and you will totally be pushed to a life where no enjoyment but only negative thoughts.

Approach to Emotion

We should take the positive approach how much big the negative hit we got in life. We should convert that negative energy to positive and use it in favour of us and should not allow that negative energy to harm us rather help us to improve us.

Acting to a social media post

Many times we see some social media post when is entirely again what we wanted to listen. Taking an example, Durga Puja festival is a known famous national and international festival and its rich culture of Bengalis. Now the government is putting some restriction on them because some other festival is coming in the same day! 

Rather than keep commenting negative posts on it and starting a fight with everybody you should keep posting positive thoughts about the festival, its advantages in developing nations, how it is contributing towards society, development and how to protect this years old festival.

When you post or fight against the negative post, somehow you are also promoting the negative post which even does not deserve and you dont even like it. And you ware westing your valuable key energy on that. I would say you should put all your energy to promot and post positive posts about the event like Durga puja rhater finght against bunch of people trying to oppose that got just shake of their personal gain. Its always matters all people when it comes to compair personal/individual gain and humanity gain.

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